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With a presence of over 25 years in the field of education, GD Goenka Group has attained remarkable repute as an education provider in India. Having established over hundred secondary schools and preschools across the nation, we not only focus on the enhancement of quality education but also the welfare and development of our students.

Offering quality education at multiple levels right from Pre-school to post-graduation, we are recognized for having pioneered various significant changes in this domain. G D Goenka Group is the first ever to include state-of-art amenities such as air-conditioned educational institutions and school buses, mineral water dispensers and toilets with sensory taps.

To bring about many more similar improvements and make significant contribution to the Indian education system, we wish to expand our reach to every possible corner within the country.

Be an agent of change with GD Goenka

At GD Goenka, we value education greatly and believe that it can be a life-changing tool if handled proficiently. Education not only helps you gain knowledge of the world and everything within it but also a perspective of your own self and how you can serve your purpose well in the world. It brings forth the development of qualities within individuals and helps them evolve. With education, no time is too soon. The quicker you involve yourself with it, the more you stand to benefit from it.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. By being an agent of change, you can help change the education system in India and do your bit in taking it to a whole new level. Although the face of Indian education system is changing quickly, it still needs work in certain areas. Our country needs a dedicated education system that caters to the need of providing the right education to the young minds of the country. To help promote and burgeon education in all-areas, beginning from the elementary level, G D Goenka is working towards spreading education franchises in Bihar.

Taking a holistic approach, we not only aim to promote all-round development in students but also address the issues ailing the system side-by-side. As a part of our program for preschool franchise in Bihar, we offer: -

Opening an education franchise in Bihar with GD Goenka

You will get complete guidance while opening a school franchise in Bihar with us. To consolidate the GD Goenka community and open a preschool franchise in Bihar or a preschool franchise in Patna, you must fulfil certain criteria, like: -

So, if you wish to open a play school franchise in Bihar, we are here to walk with you. Quality education is what every child needs, and together, we can be the flag bearers of providing education that matters and contributes to the overall development of the child.

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