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A pioneer in bringing high quality standards to education, the GD Goenka legacy is one that spans over 25 years. Whether it is school infrastructure, good education or amenities, GD Goenka is a world leader in offering nothing but the best. With more than 100 preschools and schools all over the country, GD Goenka has made its place in the education industry as a trendsetter.

When you choose to take up a Montessori school franchise with GD Goenka, you get access to a global platform of knowledge and experience as well as to a number of best proven methods for operating successful Montessori schools in India. GD Goenka offers you comprehensive and holistic support in your endeavours and assists you throughout, from setting up the Montessori school right to running it successfully, with teacher training, curriculum and infrastructure design and much more.GD Goenka can offer you the best in amenities, equipment and educational aids to uphold the highest standards in education, security, safety and hygiene. This is an aspect that we seek to replicate in each and every institution that comes under the GD Goenka Montessori school franchise.

Among the best Montessori Schools in India

In the formative years, early education plays a major role in a child’s development. A great foundation in the beginning is what future development is based on, throughout one’s life. Recent studies show that a child’s mental development begins right after birth; and though it continues for the rest of their lives, the intensity of this development is highest during the early years. With this in mind, there is no doubt as to why parents lay a lot of stress on finding the right Montessori schools in India. Children need positive learning experiences early on, to help lay the foundation for their social, intellectual as well as emotional development.

When it is about searching for a Montessori school, parents look out for nothing but the best.After all, it is a rather important first step on the path to success and when you partner with GD Goenka, you partake in a rich legacy and culture that can give you the right start to running your own Montessori school franchise.

One thing that you must remember is that the Montessori classroom is a prepared, child-centric learning environment and in here, children can choose from a range of activities that are deemed developmentally appropriate. Teachers in Montessori schools guide and facilitate the children’s learning experiences and take the lead themselvesto ensure that the ground rules are followed. When you allow a child to direct their own learning, you enable them to enjoy the process, thereby developing an enthusiasm for learning, self-discipline, positive self-esteem, and independence.

Franchise with GD Goenka

Become a part of the best Montessori school chain in India when you partner with GD Goenka. This Montessori school franchise will not only give you access to a highly reputable brandand its legacy, but also offer you support and mentorship throughout the setting up and running of a Montessori. We will help you with the infrastructure design, setting up a curriculum, and even with teacher training, to help ensure that the highest standards in education.

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