Preschool Franchise in Jammu

Changing the face of Indian education

GD Goenka is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian education scene and has been serving the society for over two decades.The brand carries the trust and goodwill of thousands of parents that have entrusted us with the care of their children’s educational needs. To facilitate that, we have established more than a hundred secondary schools and preschools across the nation.

When it comes to innovation, GD Goenka has always been at the forefront, having introduced several innovative concepts. GD Goenka was the first centrally air-conditioned school; it was also the first one install mineral water dispensers in the school and introduce air-conditioned school buses equipped with GPS.

Why preschool is important

The brain’s development in a child is the highest during the first four-five years of life. It is important to train a child’s mind to learn and function during this time. With GD Goenka’s expertly crafted framework, the foundation to facilitate a child’s learning at higher levels of education is laid. Our Toddler House chain of preschool franchise in Jammu as well as other states provides comprehensive day care to the students, laying emphasis on language skills and learning. Our pre-schools also facilitate smooth transition from the preschool to the structured learning milieu of a formal school.

Get a Pre-School Franchise inJammu and Kashmir

GD Goenka Toddler house presents you with an excellent opportunity to open your own school with our preschool franchise in Jammu and other cities of Jammu and Kashmir. GD Goenka is committed to providing children with a safe and encouraging environment to learn, thus ensuring peace of mind for the parents. When you join our preschool franchise in Jammu, you will play a vital part in providing quality education to your locality. You will also get extensive mentoring from our side, to ensure that you meet the standards that are expected from a GD Goenka institute so that your efforts bear fruits.

GD Goenka provides unique and flexible franchise options. In fact, one can start a GD Goenka Toddler house preschool franchise in Jammu with an investment starting from 12 lacs and above.

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