All that you want to know about buying a pre-school franchise in India

Pre-school education is known to be one of the most vital phases of learning for children, as it plays a very important role in laying down the foundation stone of their academic as well as social development. While earlier not much emphasis was put on pre-school or play school education, parents today are aware about its benefits and understand that play schools also play an important role in ensuring the all-round development of children. As such, play schools have become a norm and parents vie for admissions into good play schools. And, owing to all these factors, from a business point of view, setting up a play school has become quite a lucrative venture in the country.

Play Schools: An Excellent Business Venture

Opening up a pre-school has emerged as a profitable business venture, as right from the regulatory framework involved in its setup to the capital investment required for starting the business, everything is pretty much simple and within reach. In addition, education being a recession-free business, it will continue to do well and run in profits for years. Now that reports also suggest that the domain of pre-school education is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, entrepreneurs can all the more come forward and start a pre-school on their own.

Setting Up a Play-School in India

While planning to set up a pre-school, it is very important for entrepreneurs to select a good business plan for it so as to be assured of the maximum success of the venture. In India, if one wants to set up a pre-school, they have two options presented in front of them. They can either start their own venture or can even choose to take up a franchise.

In case people prefer to start their own venture, they can certainly get a relatively higher degree of freedom as they are not bound by a standard form of agreement. However, in this scenario, they also have to manage all the elements involved in the operations and set up of the pre-school on their own. Besides investment of money and space, they also have to manage the aspects of:

  • Teacher’s training
  • Setting up the administration and infrastructure
  • Promoting the Pre-school in the local area
  • Planning and finalizing the curriculum

Completing all these jobs carefully can often prove to be quite a hassle for entrepreneurs, particularly for the ones who do not have substantial experience in the education sector. Thus, buying a pre-school franchise would be a much simpler and hassle-free option for the entrepreneurs. They can easily choose to enter into a venture along with a well-known brand that offers playschool as well as primary school franchise in India, and consequently reap all the advantages of this system.

Reputed Pre-school franchises provide entrepreneurs a thorough guidance in order to make sure that their venture runs efficiently. These brands also offer mentorship in varied aspects of pre-school operations and development, which include infrastructure development, curriculum planning, and interior designing, teacher’s training, etc. They may offer marketing support to the entrepreneurs as well.

Apart from expert guidance and mentoring that entrepreneurs get on partnering with a renowned educational brand, they also get the advantage of the brand’s goodwill in the domain. At least in the domain of education, brand names matter a lot. When looking to enroll a child in a primary or even a play-school, parents are extremely particular about the brand as a good brand name automatically comes with a proven track record of excellence.

While the concept of pre-school has now become comparatively popular in large metro cities, in certain developing states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, etc., it is still in its developing phase. And as such, most renowned educational institutions are now offering pre-school as well as primary school franchises in these Indian states.

The conditions offered for setting up a pre-school through the franchise model typically consist of the below mentioned elements:

  • Investment of a specific amount
  • Owning a land having a specific length and breadth
  • Time and efforts to be devoted to establish and run the play school

International journal of research and innovation in social science Interested individuals can easily check out the options for pre-school franchise by exploring the website of prominent education brands of India.

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