How to Open Play School?

The concept of preschools is a successful and proven business and educational model in the Western world. It has also gained widespread popularity in India as the economy grows at a staggering rate and parents are more conscious than ever before about the early education of their children. There is a huge untapped market for play schools in the country and traditional schools haven’t yet been able to find a successful formula in the preschool domain.
Versatility, comprehensiveness, effective child development, and many other factors define a successful play school model. So how to open play school and make it a success. The following tips should help you in this regard.

Points to Know in Advance
You should understand the following points before opening a preschool:
• Running a play school is much more than a business. It is also a huge responsibility. Providing quality services should be the primary objective.
• Your students will be toddlers and nothing less than a friendly and inviting environment can do.
• Expect many challenges and build strategies to address them with empathy and care.

Steps to Opening Your Playschool
You should follow these steps when opening your preschool:

1. Create a Business Plan
Your business plan should address the following aspects of the school you want to set up:
• Mission statement
• Budget
• Organizational plan
• Marketing plan
• Operations
• Staffing
Start with research and keep in mind your budget. Consider whether you will be applying for loan or using your own funds.

2. Determine the Location
You will need space to open the school. Different people have different options:
• A home-based playschool
• A rental space
• Build your new facility
Make sure to check the local laws to determine whether the location meets them. It is not just the space and building, you should also prepare the facility. Get everything including the staff supplies, furniture, and safety equipment and have them installed.

3. Create Policies & Procedures
Once you have the business plan and infrastructure in place, you should create the policies and procedures to govern your school. This should address not just how the operations are to be managed but also the following areas:
• Disaster management
• Crisis management
• Safety
• Privacy
• Health
• Nutrition
It is best that you get the help of experts in these areas when developing the policies.

4. Set the Curriculum
You will have to set up the curriculum meeting the educational standards. If you choose to become a franchisee with a reputed play school chain, you can find all the support in this regard. A well-planned and comprehensive curriculum is important to the success of your play school program.
It will also help if your school is accredited. It will add credibility and trust to your school’s name. It will also make it easier to attract better talent to your school.

5. Hire the Right Staff
The quality of a school depends most on the quality of its teachers. No matter how great the infrastructure may be, it is eventually your teachers who are going to have the biggest influence on your students and their parents. Besides ensuring that you are hiring staff with the best-possible qualifications for the positions, it is also important to get information on their background. While the concept of background checks may be new in India, you should be careful in whom you will be hiring for your play school.
There are many other points to be addressed including insurance, technologies, and marketing when it comes to the question of how to open play school.

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