How to Open a Preschool in India?

You may be from any background, but if you are considering how to open a preschool, this may just be the right time to step into this field. Initial investment and budget should be the most important concern on your mind. This guide introduces you to the different pros of opening a play school and the investment potential you should expect for it.

Pros of Opening a Play School

Some of the best points about how to open a preschool in India are as follows:
• You will get the opportunity to work in an environment with children
• You will get the chance to contribute to children’s development in their early formative years
• You can find thrill in accepting the entrepreneurial challenge
• While there will be standard and proven curriculum and methodologies in place, you may also introduce your own educational techniques

You will be adding value to the community around you. As a playschool owner, you will be seen as an educator, someone who provides jobs in the community, and all this will help build your positive image.

Playschool Franchising

Franchising is one of the best ways on how to open a preschool in the current market. It means quicker set up, faster returns, an existing market space, brand recognition and trust, and much more. The curriculum, educational program, and most of the policies are already established.

Cost of Opening a Playschool

There are multiple costs involved in setting up your own preschool. Things can, however, be much simpler if you choose to become a part of a franchise. Find out the different costs involved in franchising.

Franchisee Fee

If you want to become part of a reputed playschool chain, it will be required to pay a certain franchisee fee. This fee is seen as a payment towards leveraging the benefits of their brand name and reputation. The fee is a single initial payment. You can expect to pay up to 5 lakh if you want to become part of a reputed chain.

Business Set Up Cost

Setting up your business, mostly covering the infrastructure, is going to be the biggest investment part. It can cover areas such as furnishings, equipment, and building or space. You can expect to invest anything from 12 lakhs and above in setting up your playschool.


It is also required to pay certain royalty to the franchisor as long as you remain a part of their chain. This is usually a percentage of the revenue generated from your school. The royalty is paid once in a year.
So if you want to open a playschool, make sure to keep all these cost factors in mind. Usually, you should be able to start your school from a facility that measures not less than 180 square meters. The more space you have the better it will be. It can allow you to add more feature and amenities to provide a better overall experience to your students and staff.

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