How to start a preschool in India

Deciding to start a preschool in India can be a business venture you will be proud of. While it is a financially lucrative business model, considering the huge growth the preschool education sector has seen in the country in recent years, entering it with a sense of doing good for the society is the best way to go about it. If you are having trouble finding real information about how to start a preschool in India, then here is everything you need.

1. Sign up with the right franchise

There are quite a few preschool franchises out there but it is imperative that you sign up with one offering more benefits and advantages to you as a business-owner. This includes all the help and guidance you need to start and run your play school as well as marketing, teaching staff, furniture, school design and any other aspects you may require help with. Curriculum is the basis of any school and it is what shapes the school’s goals and missions. Choose a preschool franchise that pays attention to details and focuses on holistic, academic and social development of very young children.

2. Budget

Deciding on a budget is the next thing on your list. The preschool franchise you choose will have a sign-up fee you have to pay to avail of the many benefits they will provide you with. Apart from this, you must be ready to invest at least 12 lakh rupees in the business. This will set about ensuring that you are able to provide an environment for preschoolers that will help them shine and develop into good citizens of tomorrow. Decide on budgets for all the aspects you will be taking care of to prepare your school, including furniture and other equipment.

3. The right location

It is very important to select the right location for your preschool because it is what is going to decide the number of students you can enroll. Good neighbourhoods with lots of young families with small children are your best choice. Plus point will be neighbourhoods which do not already have a preschool in them. Also, you are going to require a space of 200 to 250 sq. metres for your venture.

4. Hire staff

The right staff can make a world of difference to the success of your play school. In India, education is considered very important and parents look for schools where the teaching staff is moralistic, carries high values and is nurturing. For this, you can place ads in local newspapers and the internet for suitable candidates. Interview them and hire the best ones. You will also need to hire the non-teaching staff.

5. Marketing

Marketing your preschool is another very crucial tip to keep in mind about how to start a preschool in India. Without the right marketing, your business will not get the proper traction it needs for success. Financial success of a preschool depends on the marketing and your franchise will be able to provide all the support you need.

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